Ansys Forte – Follow the Chemistry

With their quirky and ultra-stylish Pizza Schmizza social media spot hot off the

press, the Revolver DMS (rDMS) team shifted gears/genres and produced a

more suspense-based web spot in collaboration with tech B2B marketing

agency McClenahan Bruer (McBru).

“The original Producer we were working with had resigned from the project for personal reasons,

and I requested a couple of bids,” explains McBru Senior Communications Counsel Tarah

Hartzler. “We had a script, storyboards and a few actors who fit our needs. We still needed the

creative direction, video production and a spot delivered on a quick turnaround.”

The video’s main message is that “ANSYS Forte” is the CFD software of choice, leaving all other

competitors in the dust. It is film noir style, playing up the mystery behind the hero character’s

journey and arriving at a solution for engineers and companies operating in the marketplace.

Director Bryan R. Thompson pointed out, “We looked at the opening sequence of Nicolas

Winding Refn’s ‘Drive’ [2011] for visual inspiration.”

The storyboards and script called for a metaphorical car chase. Producer Benjamin James

worked with the City of Portland and Northwest Traffic Control to close down a lane of traffic in

Southeast Portland: “Our primary goal on every project is that everyone goes home safe. We

scheduled several pre-production meetings with every department head to ensure every detail

was addressed and properly communicated. We covered every problem that could arise and

made sure we had a successful, safe and swift work around during the video shoot.”

The final spot, “ANSYS Forte – Follow the Chemistry” is currently viewing on Vimeo and various

social media channels.

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